BBO Consulting



Bookkeeping involves recording and summarizing financial transactions, crucial for tax compliance, business planning, and decision-making. However, it can become burdensome without the necessary skills and resources. Outsource your bookkeeping to BBO Consulting for efficient and accurate services tailored to your needs. With 40 years of collective experience, our team ensures best practice accounting systems and meticulous management of your books. Trust us to handle your bookkeeping with professionalism and precision.

BBO Consulting’s take on process

When you choose BBO Consulting for your bookkeeping needs, we ensure a seamless transition with the following steps:

  • Review of Current Trial Balance: We meticulously examine your existing trial balance, identifying and rectifying any errors or discrepancies.

  • Data Transfer: Taking on Year-to-Date (YTD) balances, prior year data, outstanding debtors and creditors, and fixed asset details, we ensure a comprehensive transfer from your existing system.

  • Reconciliation: We rigorously verify the accuracy and completeness of the transferred data, reconciling it within our bookkeeping software and systems.

  • Client Approval: Upon completion of the reconciliation, we secure your sign-off, ensuring your approval and authorization of the transferred balances.

Monthly management accounts and reconciliations

We also offer monthly management accounts and reconciliations, which are essential for monitoring and managing your business finances. We can help you with:

  • Preparing and presenting your monthly management accounts, which are financial reports that show your profitability, your assets and liabilities, and your cash flow for the month. These reports help you to see how your business is performing financially, and to identify any trends, issues, or opportunities.
  • Performing and reporting your monthly reconciliations, which are the process of comparing and matching your bookkeeping records with your bank statements and other external sources of information. These reports help you to ensure that your bookkeeping records are consistent and accurate, and that they reflect an accurate view of your financial position and comprehensive income.

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