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Non Executive Director

Non Executive Director

BBO Consulting’s founder Kevin Backhouse can act as your company’s independent non executive director. Kevin has a C-suite level experience, having worked as a financial director and CFO of medium to large businesses across various industries. He has a strong financial background, having completed his CA (SA) qualification in 2007, his CIMA qualification in 2010, and his MBA at Wits Business School in 2012.

He has a proven track record of delivering results and creating value for his clients, by improving their financial performance, efficiency, and sustainability. He has also mentored and coached many entrepreneurs and finance leaders and served as both an executive and independent non executive director on several company boards.

Cross industry experience

Kevin Backhouse has a cross industry experience, having worked in different sectors and markets, such as manufacturing, property development and management, retail, travel and tourism, warehousing and distribution, and technology. He has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that each industry faces, and the best practices and solutions that can be applied to them. He has also helped his clients to innovate and transform their businesses, by exploring and exploiting new technologies, products, and services. He has also helped his clients with strategy formulation and implementation as well as risk management.

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Advantage of having an independent non executive director on your board

having an independent non-executive director on your board can provide invaluable benefits for your company’s governance, risk management, and strategic direction. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Governance and Accountability: Independent non-executive directors ensure that the board operates transparently and ethically, holding management accountable for their actions and decisions. Their impartial oversight helps maintain integrity and trust within the company.

  • Risk Management and Compliance: Independent non-executive directors bring a wealth of experience in identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring that the company complies with regulations and best practices. Their objective perspective enables effective risk assessment and proactive risk management strategies.

  • Fresh Perspective and Expertise: With diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge, independent non-executive directors offer fresh insights and innovative solutions to business challenges. Their external viewpoint can stimulate strategic discussions and drive business growth.

  • Challenge the Status Quo: Independent non-executive directors are well-positioned to challenge conventional thinking and encourage a culture of innovation within the organization. By questioning assumptions and encouraging constructive debate, they foster an environment conducive to positive change.

  • Support Growth and Development: Independent non-executive directors play a pivotal role in strategic planning and decision-making, guiding the company towards sustainable growth and development. Their strategic input and mentorship can help navigate complex business landscapes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.