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Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Annual financial statements are pivotal year-end reports, outlining financial results and position for reporting to authorities like SARS, stakeholders, and for financial planning and business evaluation.

However, preparing these statements can be intricate without proper expertise and resources. Outsourcing to BBO Consulting ensures efficient and accurate preparation. With 40 years of collective experience, our qualified accountants manage this task with precision, enabling you to concentrate on core business activities. Trust us to handle your annual financial statements effectively.

Advantage of professionally prepared annual financial statements

  • Saving Time and Money
  • Reducing Errors and Risks
  • Improving Quality and Credibility

Annual Financial Statement in terms of SAICA’s standards

When you entrust BBO Consulting with the preparation of your annual financial statements, we conduct a compilation engagement adhering to SAICA standards. This service assists in preparing your statements according to the applicable accounting framework without providing assurance on their reliability. Our process involves:

  • Understanding your business, accounting policies, and framework.
  • Collecting and processing financial data, including trial balances and bank statements.
  • Drafting your annual financial statements and accompanying notes.
  • Issuing a compilation report outlining the engagement’s scope, limitations, and responsibilities.


By following SAICA guidelines, we ensure your annual financial statements are prepared professionally and ethically, meeting the standards of the accounting framework.

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