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What is Velocity?

Velocity is designed to improve your business’ profitability and enhance cash flow within 3 months.

Kevin Backhouse, BBO’s CEO uses his 2 decades of business and finance experience to identify opportunities for improvement and works with you and your team to ensure these opportunities are realised, resulting in improved cash flow and profitabilty. 

Velocity is not about grand theories, but about achieving short term, measurable improvements in your business that are sustainable.

We believe so strongly in this product, that we have included The Velocity Guarantee. This guarantee ensures your business gets a return on your investment, at no risk to your business.

You literally have nothing to lose. Contact us today for a free consultation and make your business fly!

Who is Velocity for?

What is The Velocity Guarantee?

Within the 3-month contract term, you will see measurable improvements in your bottom line and/or working capital savings exceeding the consulting fee, or your consulting is FREE. Yes – this makes the product risk free to your business. This means you have nothing to lose.

We provide unfiltered, honest insights into your business, no matter how difficult the truth may be to hear.

Your business information, strategies and IP remains completely confidential.

We create customized strategies specifically designed for your business needs.

We ensure your team is fully trained and equipped with the skills to independently implement and sustain the strategies and processes identified during our consulting.

We are genuinely passionate about helping your business grow and thrive. We love adding value to businesses and helping them improve.

We guarantee that you will be left with clear, actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented to drive growth and efficiency in your business.



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How Does Velocity Work?

  • A free introductory meeting is held between yourself and Kevin Backhouse.
  • Preliminary information is shared to ensure there is sufficient scope for BBO Consulting to add value.
  • A tailor-made approach is agreed upon between yourself and BBO Consulting to ensure alignment of desired outcomes and objectives.
  • A contract is signed for a period of 3 months.
  • Kevin conducts meetings with you and your key staff to understand your business and the challenges faced.
  • Kevin analyses and interprets your financial and operating data.
  • The data is presented in a simple and easy format to help drive improved decision making and improved profitability and/or cash flow.
  • Detailed action plans are drawn up with your management to drive results.
  • Monthly feedback meetings between yourself, key management and Kevin.
  • The final board level report is presented at the end of the 3 months; including any outstanding action items.

Velocity is designed to improve your business’ profitability, performance and cash flow within a period of 3 months. Your investment in Velocity is R250,000 + VAT, payable over 3 months.  Kevin is passionate about adding value to business, and feels so strongly in the Velocity product that he has introduced the Explicit Results guarantee that is at the core of The Velocity Guarantee.

This means your R250,000 + VAT investment is basically risk free.

At the end of the contract a detailed analysis of profitability, performance and cash flow improvements is presented to ensure The Velocity Guarantee of Explicit Results is achieved.If the profitability and/or cash flow improvement is less than the R250,000 +VAT investment, BBO Consulting will refund you the difference. 

This means you literally have nothing to lose!

Do you want to improve your business' profitability and cash flow? Contact us today and give Velocity a try.